Scientific collaboration

At Chemia, we believe in the accumulative and emerging power of collaboration.

If the development of new complex materials is an integral part of your research.

If you are dealing with a copious number of possibilities to find new materials and exploring all of them -with the current rate of your research- would be much longer than your lifetime.

If you are working with new materials but you are not synthesizing them in your own research group.

We might have a solution for you!

You can increase your research productivity and shift your focus from the repetitive tasks of material synthesis and basic characterizations to the cutting-edge research and sheer creativity.
Instead of getting overwhelmed with the large datasets, you can use it to your advantage by our machine learning solutions for material discovery.
We provide different options of collaboration with our intelligent network of microfurnaces. We can develop our products and services to match your particular needs or we can make your current workflow more efficient.

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